Creative Glass Recycling - Keeping Glass Out of the Landfill by Doing it!

How do we keep glass out of the landfill? By upcycling glass recyclables into handcrafted housewares and crushing glass into raw material! The raw crushed glass can be used for eco-construction, landscaping, and art materials. We are grateful to say that our small business fills a hole in our our community and closes the loop on glass recycling.

Who are we?

Handcrafted Housewares

Shop our full line of upcycled glass here. Zero waste - Sustainable - Small Batch - Locally Made - Handcrafted - Closed Loop


Recycling Glass with Broken Arrow Glass

We have you covered with the first ever creative glass recycling program in New Mexico. Keep 100% of your glass recycling out of the landfill with our doorstep glass recycling collection membership. You can now have your glass recycling picked up straight from your doorstep and feel confident that your glass is being processed into new raw materials and second life goods. We offer a once a month collection membership and a one time pick up. Follow the link below for more information and to sign up today!

Doorstep Glass Recycling Membership

Glassblowing Experience

Looking for something exciting to do in Santa Fe? Come join Broken Arrow Glass to experience what it is like to manipulate a hot glass bottle into a new object in the glassblowing studio!


Honeymoon Brewery Bottle Return Mission

We love working with the local community to keep Glass in a closed loop system. Join the Honeymoon Brewery Bottle Return mission by bringing your Honeymoon empties back to the brewery. Broken Arrow Glass will upcycle the bottles into drinking glasses for them and they will live on with the best second life. Let’s save 10,000 bottles this year!

Bottle Return Mission

Glass For Good

You can donate to our creative glass recycling mission by placing a donation here!

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