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Flower or Life Short Drinking Glass

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GT's Kombucha Special Edition 25 Year Sacred Life Bottle Drinking Glass

3 inches tall x 2.75 inches wide

These kombucha bottles are donated to ourselves from ourselves, after we have enjoyed the tasty blue brew. By upcycling the glass bottles we are giving a second life to mass produced product packaging. This insures the glass is kept out of the landfill and moving forward to live a long and happy upcycled life.

Our upcycling process - First step is to sort, clean and de-lable the bottles. Then we score and hot pop the tops off (this means we cut the glass by making a score mark on the surface. Then add a flame to the score mark and voila, it hot pops off). Next, we polish the rough popped lip to smooth out all the unevenness. This prepares the glass to use a torch to fire polish the lip so that we achieve a nice rounded glossy finish. Our last step is to anneal the glass in a glass kiln.

Yes, you can drink hot coffee/tea in them which also means that you can wash them in the dishwasher, and add a tea candle to them to transform them into votives.

Cheers to helping us help the environment, and for supporting us on our journey of creating sustainable and professionally crafted handmade glass art.